The Diary of A Young Girl and Good Conflict

Topics: Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Miep Gies Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: April 3, 2013

An example of conflict bringing out the worst in people is Dave Karofsky in ‘Glee’. He is struggling with internal conflict of being gay, and because of his anger and confusion over this, he bullies people. His favourite target is Kurt Hummel who is open and comfortable with his homosexuality, and Dave was jealous of this. When Kurt finally decides to stand up to his bully, Dave kisses him, then realizing what he’s done he threatens to kill Kurt if he tells anybody. Dave’s internal conflict and personal emotions ended up not just affecting him, but many people around him. Kurt ends up having to move schools, because he can’t deal with feeling unsafe all the time, and his newly-wedded parents have to pay for it out of the money the saved up for their honeymoon. Bullies usually do what they do to make others feel bad, to make them feel better about whatever bad stuff may be happening in their life, like their parents getting divorced, or a losing a loved one, and so on. They take their bottled up negative feelings out on other people. Bullies are examples of conflict bringing out the worst in people when they don’t know how to deal with it. Other bad results of unresolved conflict include violence and war, like in Tomorrow When The War Began, when a foreign army took over a small town and many were killed.

Conflict brings out greatness in people in Paradise Road, when even as her friends are slowly dying in front of her, Adrienne brings hope to all the women in the camp by starting a choir, and giving them something to live for. Miep Gies is another person who showed us that even in times of great conflict, people can still achieve immense greatness. During World War 2, Miep bravely agreed to hide Otto Frank and his family, as well as four other Jews, in an office building, despite knowing this bold move could easily cost her her life. She...
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