The Devil in the White City

Topics: Chicago, Paris, World's Columbian Exposition Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: December 18, 2014
Devil in the White City
Since the fair was introduced, the reader could predict the immensity and great work of this attraction. Not only were many new inventions created, but also many ideas were inspired by this fair. Because of the great success and its original ideas, I believe that the World’s Fair “had a powerful and lasting impact on [Chicago’s, the world’s and] the nation’s psyche.”

From the beginning, Chicago was introduced to the reader as a place that was only known for its smell that resembled a slaughter house and the Great Fire that forced the city to start once again from scratch, but after the fair, that changed. The White City brought not only more visitors, money and recognition to the city, but also it gave it more value in the eyes of the eastern cities that didn’t believe Chicago could pull such an amazing creation off. The beautiful architecture, variety of exhibits and inventions, and the massive size was a surprise to the eyes of all non-believers. Since the invention of the Ferris Wheel was created to top off the main attraction in Paris’s fair, the Eiffel Tower, it definitely became a big hit as soon as it opened. From that point on, the Ferris Wheel is seen in all fairs around the US and even the world. Because of that invention, Chicago’s numbers in population at the Fair increased dramatically.

Before the fair was even planned, American cities had already been impacted greatly. Cities like New York, St. Loius, and Chicago had a great sense of pride and unification within itself because all citizens wanted the world fair to happen in their home. Other than unification within states, the fair also unified the country. Although during this time a depression was happening, the charm and intensity of this attraction seemed to calm the nation down. You could say that it served not only a distraction but also a reminder that there is always light in the dark times. The timing of this fair couldn’t have been better for America....
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