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9th Grade Student and Family Planning Guide
High School

Compiled by The District Counseling Unit, APS Health & Wellness Department ALBUQUERQUE PUBLIC SCHOOLS

There were many Albuquerque Public School educators who contributed their time and energy to the High School Student and Family Guides. We hope that this Ninth Grade Guide helps students and parents navigate the high school years successfully. Please contact your school counselor for any concerns you may have in academic, personal/social, or career development of your student. APS Leadership Team Linda Sink – APS Chief Academic Officer Eddie Soto - Associate Superintendent for Secondary Education District Counseling Staff Writing Team Valerie Velhagen Laura Owen Freida Trujillo Devon Ehardt High School Task Force Donna Crockett Marilyn D'Ottavio Nikki Dennis Yvonne Garcia Shelly Green Carla Greene Connie Fasanella Marie Fritz Leah Gutierrez Kim Nichols Kristine Sanchez Morry Roybal Sabra Smartt Mary Ann Landry Carrie Apostle Albuquerque Public School’s District Counseling Unit would also like to gratefully acknowledge the following schools for their valuable assistance in compiling this guide: Albuquerque Public Schools: Eldorado High School Highland High School La Cueva High School Sandia High School West Mesa High School Socorro Independent School District, El Paso, TX

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Freshman Guide Signature Page Welcome Letter to Freshmen What Can Your School Counselor Do For You? 9th Grade Planning Calendar High School Survival Guide Frequently Asked Questions Student-Led Conferences Tips for Making and Keeping Friends Setting Goals Study and Homework Tips Time Management Tips Tutoring and Homework Help Problems in Class? Fighting Failure! Student Safety Tips Internet Safety Tips High School Overview: What You Need to Know About Credits Requirements for Graduation APS Graduation Requirements: Class of 2013 Credit Recovery/Earning Outside Credit Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Special Education Services and Support Transition Related Programs in the High School Transition Outcomes: Programs for Students 18-22 Testing in High School Extracurricular Activities Planning for Tomorrow Why Start Planning Now? Careers/Exploring Options Smaller Learning Communities, Career Academies and Career Pathways Thinking About College? The Admissions Process p.4 p.5 p.6 p.7 p.10 p.11 p.13 p.14 p.15 p.16 p.18 p.19 p..20 p.21 p.22 p.23 p.25 p.26 p.37 p.39 p.42 p.43 p.45 p.46 p.48 p.49 p.50 p.51 p.52 p.63 p.66

College Admissions Testing: What Do I Need to Know About the ACT and SAT? p.68 NM Colleges Admission Index Albuquerque Public Schools Ninth ( 9 ) Grade Student & Family Guide  2 | P a g e   th


Money for College More about Scholarships and Financial Aid 529 College Savings Programs NCAA Requirements for Athletes Military U.S. Military Academies High School Resume Builder Sample Resume Just For Parents Resources Sources

p.73 p.75 p.77 p.78 p.80 p.81 p.82 p.84 p.85 p.88 p.91

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Freshman Guide

_______________________ _____________________ Print Student’s Name School

I acknowledge that I have received the Freshman Guide. This guide contains valuable information that will help me plan for my four years of high school and for postsecondary options.

_______________________ _____________________ Student’s Signature Date _______________________ _____________________ Parent’s Signature Date

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Dear Freshmen, Welcome! What comes to mind when you think about starting high school? It may seem exciting, or a bit scary, or a combination of the two. One thing’s for sure: it will bring a lot of changes. You are part of a new...
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