The Day of Misfortune

Topics: English-language films, Trauma center, Glass Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Jujuanette Elliott
Mr. Osborne
8 February 2012
The Day of Misfortune
On October 15, 2011, on a sunny autumn day approximately nine thirty to be exact, my heart felt like it wanted to stop. It was pounding as fast as a racing car engine. I was at work when I received a phone call from my fiancé Allan letting me know that something had happened to my son Julian. So, thoughts were piling in my head trying to find out whether it was good or bad. All I could hear was that he was trying to open the door and went through it. Now I am thinking about how bad the situation was. Did he cut his face, arms or legs? Is he having trouble breathing? Was he going to be rushed to the hospital by ambulance? Once I gave myself a second to stop and breathe, I realized that I had to calm down. Allan took Julian’s arm and wrapped it with a towel because blood was gushing out like a busted water main. It was everywhere on the walls, floors, sink, and even in the car. Then Allan took Julian and rushed him to Moses Cone Hospital in Greensboro, NC. They immediately brought Julian to the back of the pediatric trauma unit. Julian remained as silent as a mouse the whole time everything was happening. For a minute it was thought that he might have been in shock because of all of the blood that was lost. The nurse said he lost enough blood to fill a pint size milk container.

Once I sat down for a second, at around ten thirty a.m. I found out that Julian put his right arm through one of the glass panes of the kitchen door. His arm had a cut so deep that you were able to see his muscle contracting. It looked like a heart beating rising up and down. One part of me was relieved, and the other part was still on edge because we still didn’t know if Julian had did major damage to his arm. It was the weirdest feeling ever to know that something had happened to my child, and I couldn’t do anything about it at the moment. I was without my car and trying to...
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