The Dawn of The net

Topics: Transmission Control Protocol, Internet Protocol, Internet, IP address, IPv4, Router / Pages: 1 (399 words) / Published: Sep 17th, 2014
The dawn of the net is a more or less 20 minutes show that illustrates the process or the sequence involving the internet. As I watched the show, I was really amazed how the internet works, how the message was being send and what the computer usually do whenever there are unacceptable websites. The show usually more on what is inside the computer. Through this, I was able to know the warriors of the net and they are the TCP packet or known as Transfer Control Protocol, the ICMP or Internet Control Message Protocol, the UDP, Router, Ping of death, and Router Switch. The Transfer Control Protocol looks like the bus where the information is being packed. The Router is programmable memory. The router's switch on the other hand is more specific of the destination of the packet. The Ping of death in the computer refers to the police that captures the hacker and destroys the unacceptable sites. The process involving is a little bit long.Whenever the user types something in the website, the information is packed and it is already called as the TCP packet. the TCP packet is the labeled and the address is being placed and it will be send to the Router. The Router sends the TCP packet into the Router Switch which guides it to the network interface and it will be received by the proxy or sometimes referred to as the mailman. It is then that the TCP packet is being opened and its contents are checked. If the contents of the TCP packet consist of sites that are unacceptable just like pornographic sites it is destroyed. After this, the firewall will chose what TCP packets can come inside. There would be few that will be remained to enter the spider web. After the spider web, it will be received again by the firewall wherein the TCP packet is then categorized into 80 or 25. The packet would be destroyed if it does not fall into either 80 or 25. After this it will go to the proxy server where it would be open and unpacked. And lastly, the information is being send back to you. It

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