the dawn

Topics: Marine engineering, Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Engine room Pages: 32 (5492 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Chapter I
We often say that youth are the “hope of our country”. Through education, it helps in the developmental of the social, spiritual, physical, mental wholeness and capability of a person. Education has a big part for him/her to become professional, develop self-actualization and increases level of awareness to itself and environment. Through knowledge and manpower, a productive person contributes to economic security, health, and safe and security of a country’s citizen and also building a strong foundation of a country.

Knowingly the personality of every individual, every person has own distinct way on how he/she cope with his/her study. Study habits mean our usual doing, a thing done often, way, and routine, handling or coping in dealing the stressing matter of Studying. These study habits could be either effective or not. These habits help a student enhance and develop their knowledge for them to get high and consistent grades. Every person has a unique personality that may affect their study. A person could be either optimistic (good or positive) or pessimistic personality (bad or negative). Basing on behavior, an optimistic has a strong personality, encompasses ego personality, high self- esteem and has a concept in life. They have goals in life and potentially for various characteristics can be developed by a person’s social-cultural environment. Through social experience an optimistic person adapts or perceive their good values, attitudes and habits of his/her friends, relatives, family and others affecting his/her environment. They encompass the ego personality which means ego personality is the mediator between needs of the individual and the world of reality and strives to delay tension until the suitable environment exists. Cognitive and intellectual are controlled by our EGO. The opposite side is the pessimistic person. They are very negative person which means they predict the situation that it’s not suitable to them. They could be characterized as shy person, negative thinker, could be deviant in some situation, bad personality and also the compasses the Id personality. Id personality means the center around satisfaction of basic needs like food and sex and operates in the pleasure principle of individual. They are the bad side and often called the illness/diseases of the society. They have the intense pleasure and eagerness to meet their needs/satisfaction desire. They also the expression “BAHALA NA” often interrelated to us Filipinos, thus greatly responsible for his/her own success or failure. On the other hand, Filipino’s “BAHALA NA” mentality has led to lack of foresight, contentment with the past and lack of initiative, self-reliance or pioneering spirit. There are factors affecting student studies and includes networking-social sites or internet and also the common computer games. They are distracted by these factors characterized by (1) they do not attend classes instead going on computer shops (2) Satisfaction Principle of individual (3) Focus to computer games and internet networking-social sites causing them not to focus in their studies (4) they developed bad behaviors the y adapts in their environment such computers shops that the players of dota trash talk each other’s predisposing them to acquire the behavior. In all situations, we Filipinos have displayed remarkable adaptability resulting in a many side cultural values and a characteristic which means it is how we handle or perceive the situation resulting to success or failure. We had notice that many students are irresponsibly, not interested, taking for granted, playful and especially the factors affecting their studies such as internet (networking site), and computer games (dota and other games). The subjects of the study are the Marine Engineering students of the University of Cagayan Valley. When we say Marine Engineering students, there are not only equipped by physical matter...
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