the dangers of teenage driving

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The Dangers of Teenage Driving

Underage driving is very dangerous for the youth of today. Deaths among teenage drivers are at an all-time high. Every day, teenage car crashes end more lives than cancer, homicide, and suicide combined. We had a police officer come to our school two years ago and give a seminar on teenage driving and drunk driving. The demonstration included a PowerPoint, some videos, and a crash car simulator. This officer also shared many facts, on which I took notes, about driving underage or under the influence. Some of these include that drivers age 16-19 are twice as likely to crash as those 20-24, three times as likely as those 25-29, and more than four times as likely as those 30-69. Among those 16-19 years old, the youngest drivers have the highest risk. Over half of the preventable deaths in the United States among car crashes were underage drivers. This is all accountable to the following factors: Driver inexperience, speeding, reckless driving, and nighttime driving. Over 33% of deaths among 13-19 year olds were in vehicle accidents and these stats also increase substantially with every additional passenger in the vehicle.

Another huge problem in the steady technological evolving world is the increased common occurrence of texting while driving. Driving distracted is not only texting but eating, surfing the web, adjusting the radio, and many other subtopics. But since texting uses your thoughts and your physical movements, it is by far the most dangerous. An estimated 421,000 people injured in motor vehicle crashes that involved a distracted driver. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, among drivers ages 15-19, 21% of crashes were directly involved to a driver being distracted by the use of a cell phone. At any given moment across America, 660,000 drivers are using a cell phone or manipulating an electronic device. This number has been held steady since 2010. Sending a text takes your eyes off of the...
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