The dangers of fracking

Topics: Climate, Greenhouse gas, Global warming Pages: 2 (439 words) Published: October 4, 2014
Dear Representative Elizabeth Werren,

I am writing to you to express my concerns regarding the hydraulic fracturing. This procedure is used to release earths natural gasses and is harming our environment extensively. Hydraulic fracturing uses substantial amounts of water in combination with sand and toxic chemicals to push natural gas out of the ground. I state my concerns and suggestions below.

Citizens of Kansas and Missouri need safe and plentiful water for public use and for farm and ranch performance. On average, a single fracturing takes 1-8 million gallons of water to complete each fracturing job. The water brought to the ejecting site in is mixed with Approximately 40,000 gallons and up to 600 different toxic chemicals including known carcinogens, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hydrochloric acid, carbon sulfide, petroleum distillates, mercury, and other toxic metals, are used within each fracking. This adds up to 72 trillion gallons of water and 360 billion gallons of chemicals. There have been over 1,000 documented complaints of water contamination neighboring areas of gas drilling, as well as occurrences of respiratory, and neurological damage as a result of consumed water. The mixture reaches the end of the well where the high pressure causes the nearby shale rock to crack, creating fissures where natural gas flows into the well. During this hydraulic fracturing process, methane gas and toxic chemicals leach out from the system and and contaminate nearby groundwater. The drinking water in Kansas and Missouri is now contaminated preventing the citizens from drinking the local water. One other major problem that has caused nearby irritation is the earthquakes that are caused.

Hydraulic Fracturing As reported in Scientific American, Global Warming is Coming Close to Becoming Irreversible, it is estimated that the world’s temperature looks set to rise by six degrees Celsius by 2100, and scientists say the world is close to reaching thresholds...
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