The Danger Of A Single Story By Chimamanda Adichie

Pages: 4 (780 words) Published: March 1, 2018

In her insightful speech on the TED television series, "The Danger of a Single Story," Chimamanda Adichie argues that single stories of specific races or regions can many times produce misconceptions of their true natures. Adichie, born and raised in colonial Nigeria, uses previous life experiences to support her claims concerning false stereotypes, most of which are manifested throughout her childhood and her initial visit to the US.
Living underneath a colonial atmosphere, Adichie was continuously exposed to foreign cultures of life; she had a good education and read children’s books regarding men drinking ginger beer, and was schooled to be appreciative for the opportunities she was precocious in. However, not till later in her life did Adichie notice that these influences were incomplete and untrue representations of Western life. This helps to demonstrate “how impressionable and vulnerable we are in the face of a story, particularly as children,” and the way we will not actually apprehend the reality till it has been concretely revealed to us. Moreover, years later in her life, when Adieche moved into her university dormitory with an American roommate, she felt as if she was mechanically pitied. Her roommate assumed Adichie did not understand how to use...

More specifically, what characteristics do they associate with Haitian people? Most likely, this would be the thought of a natural disaster, poverty, living with nothing. Some might have a thought of their people living in a decrepit shack, eating out of their hands, perhaps even bathing in a creek. Haiti is amongst the poorest countries within the world, however, does this mean Haitians do not live as pleasant lives as people in developed nations do? The culture in Haiti is remarkably different from ours, one that is held extraordinarily close. Once again, this single story of Haitians creates an incomplete depiction of their authentic...
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