Krik? Krak!

Topics: Fiction, Haiti, Short story Pages: 3 (1142 words) Published: February 25, 2008
Javance GrahamJanuary 14, 2008
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Final Paper for Krik? Krak? The novel known as “Krik? Krak?” is base on a writing type of short stories and Haitian American fiction. The novel gives much similarities to Haitian American hardship in actual tangible reality. “Krik? Krak?” gives fictional stories based off real history that apprises the reader about the true malign history of Haitian history. The novel also gives key facts or information that actually exist that can be example in comparison to the fictional story and history. Edwidge Danticat was born in Haiti in 1969 and grew up during a tumultuous period in the country’s history. Her novel “Krik? Krak?” gives reflection to Haitian American hardship in which Danticat lived through during the time of her age. This gives her fictional stories a reflection of what she learnt and known from the reality she faced in Haiti. Danticat says that the memories of Haiti are still extremely vivid in her mind, and that her love of Haiti and things Haitian deeply influences her writing. In the story “Krik? Krak there are many themes that go along which emphasize in her fiction stories that give real hardship about people in reality. “New York Day Women” pertaining to the novel stories of “Krik? Krak?”. A lady name Suzette who lives in Brooklyn New York and stalks her mother undetected. This story gives a similarity to Edwidge Danticat’s actual life when she start growing up in Brooklyn New York at age 12.

“The Massacre” happen just a few weeks in October 1937, Dominican soldiers killed 30,000 Haitians along the border because the victims' skin was dark, even though Dominicans were just a few shades lighter. “Nineteen Thirty-Seven” was a story pertaining to the novel...

Bibliography: Edwidge Dantaicat Krik? Krak? Short stories
Genre: Haitian-American fiction Early 1990s; New York 1995 Publisher: Vintage Contemporaries
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