The count of monte cristo

Topics: Edmond Dantès, Abbé Faria, The Count of Monte Cristo Pages: 3 (1771 words) Published: October 6, 2014
II. Plot Synopsis
"The Count of Monte Cristo" has a touching story. It is about injustice, love, revenge, friendship, jealousy, justice, selfishness, betrayal, and the power of money. Edmond Dantes (James Caviezel), the second mate of a French trading ship, a young and successful merchant sailor, is planning to marry Mercedes, his lover, after he gets his captain's paper. Mercedes (Dagmara Dominczyk) promises to marry him, for she is in love with him. Fernand Mondego (Guy Pearce), a representative of the ship, Edmond's best friend, is obviously jealous of Edmond Dantes. He could not get Mercedes to love him even though he secretly desires to marry Mercedes. Edmond Dantes did not know that Fernand Mondego desires Mercedes and is jealous of him. As far as Edmond knows, Fernand is his best friend who always goes on adventures with him. When Edmond Dantes, Fernand Mondego, and the crew return from Elba to Marseilles, the troubles begin. Danglars (Albie Woodington), one of the captains of the crew, is mad at Edmond Dantes. Mousier Morell (Patrick Godfrey) displace him by hiding behind his rank; and Mousier Morell promotes Edmond Dantes to be the captain of the ship by trying to save the captain's life. Fernand Mondego becomes more jealous when Fernand Mondego hears the news that Edmond Dantes is now the captain of the ship. With Fernand's jealousy and Danglars' madness of Edmond Dantes, they secretly made a plan against him.  They told Villefort (James Frain), the persecutor of the new officer of France that Edmond is trying to help Napeloen Bonaparte (Alex Norton) escape by accepting his letter. In this scenario, it is obvious that Fernand Mondego is not Edmond Dantes' best friend even though they grow-up together along with Mercedes. Best friends do not betray or get jealous of best friends' success and romance. On the other hand, Fernand Mondego is just like that. As the result, he is willing to throw away his long-time friendship just to achieve his own...
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