Pulp Fiction Thematic Structure

Topics: Morality, Narrative, Narratology Pages: 4 (1756 words) Published: July 26, 2005
Pulp Fiction, through the course of incorporating three seemingly unrelated narratives pulled together an interwoven story that unfolded like a well-oiled machine. With each of the narratives relying on pieces of the lurid subject matter (pulp) previous to it, which aided in expressing the overall theme. The film manages to pull this off while still giving each of its narrative segments equal weight; as a result they work like interlocking gears, each one necessary to all the others. Leaving us with thematic structure and many different kinds of pulp in a humorous amoral setting. What is strange about these intermingled narratives is the order in which they are told. I hope to articulate how the fracturing of this story aided in the overall effectiveness of Pulp Fiction.

During the prologue we are introduced to Bunny and Pumpkin who bracket the film and provide us with an influential thrust toward the theme, as well as to what proceeds. As Pumpkin's ironic discourse unfolds we find he wants to leave behind robbing liquor stores because it's too much of a risk, yet he's too smart and together to need a day job. So he banters on about the easiness of armed robbery aimed at soft targets. With their cocky attitude and misguided confidence, they launch a spontaneous and poorly planned robbery sending us into the credits. Bunny and Pumpkin have then setup the amoral attitudes of our protagonist. But they also have touched on the risk designated with this lifestyle and attitude, a thematic issue that is explored throughout the film.

Now two of our protagonists are introduced Jules and Vincent. While we ride along with them we are allowed to develop a partiality toward them. Through their quite friendly banter, as they nonchalantly talk about Vincent's trip and the little differences between Europe and the US. Once we arrive at their destination the amoral nature of the characters are illustrated again, as the discussion ranges from their weapons of choice to the...
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