The Correlation between Homework and Test Scores

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The Correlation between Homework and Test Scores

Homework is always related to the test scores. Homework is provided by the teachers to the students keeping this in mind that they can do good in the exams.

Why homework is important?

Homework is important as per the research and the experts as it allows the student to gain good marks in the exams. It helps the student in understanding the topics and revising it. It is often noticed that maximum students do not go back home and revise the chapters that have been taught to them in the school. In this case it will be problematic for the part of the student to remember what they have learnt at school. So homework is devoted to the particular student based on the chapter that has been taught in the school so that the student can revise the chapters at home and can keep the concepts in their subconscious minds.

How does doing homework help in high test score?

Homework can help the students in scoring higher marks in the tests in many ways, such as better understanding of the concepts, helping the students to write faster, avoiding last minute cramping and getting more confident.

Better understanding of concepts

With the help of the homework that are given by the teachers to the students, the students can understand the concepts in a much better way. When the students are taught a chapter in the classroom, they are given homework based on that particular chapter. Often they are also said to study the chapter so that they can come and answer the questions based on the chapter taught on the prior day. This helps the student in understanding the concepts of the chapter taught.

Help write faster, since we have already practiced

If you will have a regular practice of writing your homework, you will grow a practice of writing faster each day. This will benefit you in writing fast in the examination hall. You will be able to complete the question paper at the proper time and even before the...
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