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Topics: Psychology, Mathematics, Education Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: January 15, 2014
There are two kinds of people in the world…Those who like math homework and those who don’t. This project is mainly about the purpose of math homework. In other words, the main reason why teachers feel that math homework is important for students. Not just the pros but also the cons.

For example, one of the good reasons that math homework is good for a student is that it helps you remember the material outside of the classroom. Not only that, but if you can remember the lesson you learned outside of class then you won’t have any troubles at all. Also, giving out homework is good for the students’ brain because the repetition helps the student remember more of the material they are learning. Another purpose of assigning homework is that it’ll give you the ability to show that you are able to do mathematical problems on your own. Honestly, I don’t think that teachers assign homework just to assign it but to exercise the brain, keep it working and learning new things. (Roberto Pena) The goal of math teachers is not to stress out all of the students but to help you understand the concept of the lesson. Some teachers believe that homework is good for us no matter what but homework is honestly only good use when used in the correct manner. Lastly, not only is math homework good for your memory but it helps you understand the work more thoroughly. Even though I might have convinced you that math assignments are good for students, here are some bad examples about them.

First of all, the biggest reason why students don’t do their homework is because it takes up their time from other activities. Sometimes it’s just that they don’t have enough time for the particular subject. Well for some students, just simply having to do the work is a bad reason for them. A reason for that is having assignments from school tame up personal time. One of the serious reasons now-a-days is that some children/students get seriously frustrated when doing the work just because they...
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