The Computer Nut

Topics: Joke, Laughter, Outer space Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: October 25, 2002
Title: "The Computer Nut"
Author: Betsy Byars
Setting: "The Computer Nut" takes place in Kate's small town. Overall, the different settings are in her house, in school, at a carwash, at Willie Lomax's house, her dad's office, a pep rally at her school's football rally, and that's basically where all the action takes place. Most of the time, the action takes place during the day. Towards the ending, however, most of the action takes place at night around 8 pm- 9pm. Major Characters: The main character of "The Computer Nut" is Kate. Kate is like any other kid. She is obsessed with computers, she has red hair, and she is an average middle school student. She is receiving messages from an "alien" who calls himself BB-9. Willie Lomax is the boy who helps find out who is sending Kate messages over the computer. Willie is also Kate's crush and he is the only one who is truly willing to help Kate find out who really is sending her messages over the computer. He is around Kate's height, chubby, he has reddish/blondish hair, and is very interested in Kate's mystery "alien." BB-9 is the self-proclaimed "alien comedian" who wants to come down to Earth to make people laugh, since Earth is the only planet in the universe where people laugh. He is an adult's age and can take form as anything he wants. He was once a cow on another mission to Earth. A physical description is not available. And lastly, Linda is Kate's best friend. She is short, has brown hair, and very humorous. Plot Summary: One day, for an art project, Kate is just drawing a picture of herself on her dad's computer in her dad's office. After she is all done with her self-portrait, she receives a message from a strange person who later reveals himself as BB-9. BB-9 is an alien in search of a good laugh on Earth, which he says is the only planet where people laugh. After a series of message, Kate hopes the person contacting her is her secret crush, Willie Lomax, who just so happens to know about computers. Kate...
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