Movie Analysis - Monster in Law

Topics: Cinematic techniques, Wanda Sykes, Monster-in-Law Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: November 18, 2005
Monster in Law
The main characters in this movie involve Jennifer Lopez as Charlotte "Charlie" Cantilini, Jane Fonda as Viola Fields, Michael Vartan as Kevin Fields, and Wanda Sykes as Ruby.
The movie is about Charlie who has been striking out in the dating scene. Charlie is an easy going person who is friendly, enjoys other peoples company, and seems to take pleasure in pleasing other people. She then meets Dr. Kevin Fields, who is a successful surgeon and the two fall in love. As the relationship evolves, marriage is proposed. This is when Viola Fields, Kevin's mother, meets Charlie and highly disapproves. Viola Fields was a news anchor and was recently laid off. She clearly has issues assumingly even prior to her being fired. Upon meeting Charlie, who currently works as a temporary employee at a doctor's office, Viola believes that Charlie is not the "right one" for Kevin and will ruin Kevin's life. With Viola losing her job, she focuses on being the "Monster" future mother in law in order to frighten Charlie off from marrying Kevin. Viola uses her assistant Ruby to pull off her crazy antics; all the while Kevin is oblivious. Charlie does a good job of shielding all of Viola's attacks. While Viola keeps attacking relentlessly, Charlie has finally had enough and decides to fight back. This is when the gloves fly off and the two go to war, not holding anything back. Now Charlie has stooped to Viola's level and she fights back with a big punch. The plot versus the story, relatively stay the same. The story builds on the plot by introducing the characters and eventually building up to the fight of the century, Charlie versus Viola. The plot practically summarizes the whole movie as the movie does not introduce any surprises other than the crazy behavior between Charlie and Viola. About the only surprise in the movie is that Ruby, played by Wanda Sykes actually starts to defend Charlie and somewhat takes her side. I believe that the plot...
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