The Colonisation By European Empires had a significant impact on Asia, America and Africa

Topics: Hernán Cortés, Colonialism, Spanish colonization of the Americas Pages: 3 (892 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Colonisation by European Empires had a Significant Impact on Africa, America and Asia.

Colonisation by European Empires had a significant impact on Africa, America and Asia. In the 16th century the colonisation of these countries brought on powerful and important changes which had a definite impact on the future of their country. These changes proved to have both negative and positive impacts.

The colonisation by European Empires had a significant impact on Africa in the 16th century. Before the Europeans came, Africans were nomadic hunters and some were skilled artists who sculpted masks and statues of wood, gold or bronze. This is why the Europeans wanted to take over Africa as they wanted the natural resources that Africa had. It was easy for Europeans to have control because they had more advanced technology. The Europeans had guns and cannons while Africans had only bows and spears. In the 16th century in Central America, the Europeans had a majority of the native people (Aztecs) enslaved or killed and therefore needed more slaves to work for them in Central America. The Europeans then packed Africans on a slave ship and sent them off to Central America. During this trip 25% of the Africans died due to extremely poor conditions and malnutrition with some even resorting to suicide. Robert Darlington wrote in 2012 "...poor quality food led to scurvy and lack of hygiene meant that diseases such as dysentery spread quickly" (Darlington, 2012, p. 367).

Africans were treated badly and were taken advantage of by the Europeans. Their culture and traditions were lost, families were torn apart and they had all their resources taken from them. On the other hand they gained a source of education, a better defence against their enemy's, better sources of technology, more jobs were created and the Africans siding with the Europeans made them more powerful. In the future the Africans did get their independence and with that a higher understanding of technology...
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