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The Cold War Canada

Topics: Cold War, United States, Vietnam War, World War II / Pages: 2 (475 words) / Published: Jun 3rd, 2013
The 1970’s
Canada in the Cold War
Canada was a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) which was the name of the alliance they had formed. The main goal for the NATO was to prevent the spread of communism. Although Canada wasn't dominant or recognized as having the influence the world, the country still had a moderate influence and recognition internationally.
The Vietnam War
The U.S. had interest in defending South Vietnam against a communist movement supported by North Vietnam. The Canadian government tried to remain neutral but eventually the numbers of Canadians who demanded the government to do something about the growing war in Vietnam grew larger. Young American males began to journey North to Canada to avoid being drafted into military service in Vietnam. Various organizations were formed to assist the American draft dodgers (someone who avoids joining their country’s military although they are ordered to. As many as 40,000 Canadians enlisted on behalf of the United States and fought in Vietnam.
History of the Cold War
The Cold War was an international conflict that held for more than four decades. The War started around the 1940’s, right after World War 2, and ended in the early 90’s. The Cold War was a continuing state of competition, tension and conflict primarily between the United States and the Soviet Union. The conflict was conveyed through competing on many different levels of their economy such as military development and technology development. The Soviets and the Americans even raced to land the first man on the moon. There was no actual fighting or violence involved, the conflict was more of a standoff although there was violence in many other countries that were involved. Canada was quickly and unexpectedly forced into the Cold War. On September 5, 1945, an obscure Russian named Igor Gouzenko entered the newsroom of the Ottawa Journal and announced that he had evidence of an extensive Soviet spy ring functioning in Canada. The announcement made Canada more cautious as well as for other parts of the world.

Significance of the Cold War to Canada
Although Canada didn’t have a major role in the Cold War the country was still greatly impacted due to the war. The Cold War was one of the most important events in shaping Canada in the 20th century. Many courageous acts from Canadians showed their determination as a supporter for America as well as the fact that they were part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). They were committed to help America as much as they could. During the Vietnam War, Canadians enlisted in the U.S. army and exceeded the 30,000 Americans who fled as draft. Canadian industry was also a major supplier of equipment and materials to American forces. Canada remained loyal to America and helped to protect the country.

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