The Clown Epidemic

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft, John Proctor, Salem, Massachusetts / Pages: 2 (358 words) / Published: Dec 6th, 2016
Melissa Chan debriefs the clown epidemic in the article, “Everything You Need to Know About the ‘Clown Attack’ Craze”. She goes on explaining many different perspectives, such as the terrified citizens of America, the real professional clowns, and the police force. With the continuation of the situation of people dressing up as clowns, people's fears have not decreased. Instead people have taken their emotions to justify their violent and ill behavior. Now all clowns are found guilty of wanting to abduct children or murdering of people, which is similar to “The Crucible”, where even if witches were acting as doctors they still would all be condemned to the ruling of Satan. Also in “The Crucible”, it showed how since people were limited to

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