The Classroom of the Future

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The Classroom of the Future

Wouldn't it be great to use technology in your classroom! Wouldn't it be fantastic to increase your intelligence, fluency and concentration! I reckon it would.

Technology has yet to be fully introduced into classrooms as some schools can not get enough cash from the Government.

Those schools will miss out on a dramatic increase in test scores, improved work ethics and in student behaviour by not allowing their students to get the benefits of technology in the classroom. Who doesn't want that?

When textbook work is given out, I know that we often dread the long, repetitive, boring questions and do not co-operate.

Researchers are currently designing the "the classroom of the future" which uses multi-touch screens on table tops to encourage students to get involved with learning, how fun and educating would that be.

The three-year project has been tested with four hundred students with ages ranging from eight to twelve in the U.S. Results have shown that students have increased in both fluency and flexibility in mathematics.

Multi-touched tables are controlled by the teacher and a smart board. The teacher is able to give out work virtually while students interact with the desks trying to solve the problems.

This type of learning can help us collaborate as we would learn equally and together. This new technology may be great to use in some subjects but, we still need to learn writing skills that will be needed for later in our lives. Involvement with technology can increase concentration and the flow of creativity by showing the freedom with technology, just by the school allowing technology in the classroom.

Organised and full of information lessons on the screen of your computer, may be the gateway into the future of education if society can accept it.

Online lessons for schools and universities could help students who are finding their education starting to be out of reach....
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