The Church And Homosexuality

Topics: Pope, Bishop, Homosexuality Pages: 2 (266 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Vincent Sylvester Wada
Academic Writing APH 103
Dr. Keith Esenther
October 17, 2014

The Church and Homosexuality
The papacy of Pope Francis has brought about and allowed so many debates on issues that the church so far has decided to remain very conservative about. One of such issues include the church’s teachings and views about what a Christian family should represent. What kinds of union between persons rightly represents God’s plan of a family? Who and who should constitute an ideal Christian family? What privileges can people who do not fit into the church’s ideal family structure benefit despite their differences? The church has suffered criticisms for her rigid doctrinal positions in matters relating family life and structure. The top on this chart among other discussions borders around homosexuality. Months ago, Francis made suitable grounds for this discussion when he shared his thoughts that he has no power to judge homosexuals; only God does. At that moment, I personally felt that the church wants to make open the conversation about gay people. I foresaw that church will welcome an in-depth discussion on the matter, hence, the ongoing synod of bishops on the family. I strongly feel that the practice of homosexuality in itself, contradicts the concept of family. A union of a man and a woman would naturally create a family; children. A union of a man and man or a woman and another woman would create something else that I do not have a name for but certainly not a family. It greatly irritates me when when I conceive a practice like as a family.
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