The Children's Aid Society The research of a history of service, change, innovation and success

Topics: High school, Charles Loring Brace, Management Pages: 13 (3536 words) Published: May 10, 2014
Thomas Cespedes
Professor Kenya Brown
Intro to Business Organization and Management
7th May 2014

The Children’s Aid Society The research of a history of service, change, innovation and success through an almost foolproof management theory.

The Children’s Aid Society has been in the business of saving children since its inception. Just as in the beginning, this agency continues to be in the forefront of innovation for servicing children that are considered to be the most in need. As time progresses and the world changes, so does the approach of helping children. The Children’s Aid Society has been an important hallmark in the business of helping the less fortunate. The agency’s ability to remain relevant, successful and vital since the 19th century is a testament to its constant overhaul, risk taking and revolutionary ideas. By constantly reaching for the moon and beyond The Children’s Aid Society has been very successful. However, when the ultimate goal is pushed further and farther, when promises are made and they become too distant to see; those that believed in landing on the moon but fall short, lose their faith in the process. When the people directly responsible for carrying out the mission of the agency feel forgotten and undervalued, it can cause disruption of progress at its full potential. The research of the Children’s Aid Society as an agency, Its Community Schools Initiative, and specifically the Extended Day Program overhaul and its business management theory will show that although there is much success attributed to this agency; there is still plenty of room for improvement. Instead of reaching for what appears to be the impossible, those in the frontlines can actually help the agency land at its intended target and become believers in the full potential of the agency’s ability to tackle feats that have never been accomplished before. In a perfect world, every child would be nurtured by a loving family, attend a challenging exciting school and live in a supportive community. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and neither did Charles Loring Brace. Charles Loring Brace a graduate of Yale with the desire to help the unfortunate founded the Children’s Aid Society in 1853 in New York City. Many of New York’s children lived in poverty with uncertain futures and Charles Brace wanted to help. He is accredited with starting modern foster care in America. To help an estimated 30,000 homeless children, Brace began “The Orphan Train movement”. This was the first mission of the Children’s Aid Society. With the help of social workers and volunteers, children were removed from the streets and placed with farm families in the west, using the railroads as a path to saving displaced children. Charles didn’t stop with the “Orphan Train Movement”, in order to abate crime and prostitution he opened the first Children’s Aid Society School for poor children and initiated the fist free school lunch program in the United States. Since its beginning in 1854 The Children’s Aid Society has grown and just like Charles Brace, it has innovated and revolutionized the business of saving children. The Children’s Aid Society or CAS has evolved from the Orphan train movement to the Boys and Girls Club, Several Schools, Nursery’s, Community Centers and many more services to not only help children but also help unfortunate communities overall. CAS’s mission statement speaks specifically to their approach. “The Children’s Aid Society helps children in poverty to succeed and thrive. We do this by providing comprehensive supports to children and their families in targeted high-needs New York City neighborhoods.” For an agency that’s very nature is to evolve and create new ways to help children, this mission statement is very fitting....
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