The Changing Ideas of Perfect Families

Topics: Family, Mother, 2005 singles Pages: 2 (281 words) Published: February 4, 2015
David Fender
Professor Burns
ENGL 110-719

Ideal Families
Many people have different ideas on an ideal family, or what a perfect family should be like. According to the reading a perfect family should live on a ranch house, buy expensive appliances, do things with your family everyday, eat family meals together everyday and basically forget about the struggles of the real world. An ideal family puts aside the stress and conflicts of race, politics, class and other real world problems.

I believe that families today are not ideal because of technology. No matter what we do we are surrounded by the constant push of technology and social media affecting how we as families act. Now we are using social media to connect to friends and it is taking away from things such as family time. Also todays standards have gone from eating together as a family every night to everyone is rushing around, not spending time together. It is hard for a contemporary family to be ideal with todays distractions of technology and media.

I also believe that the idea of a perfect family has changed as well. In the 1950’s an ideal family would have a husband working to make the money, a stay at home mom and children. Today an ideal family has both parents working and children who are doing it all from basketball to playing the saxophone.

My view on a perfect family is a family who can live within their means, make time to spend with each other and block off media and technology. A family that works together to make busy schedules work and meet the goals that they set.
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