The Challenges for Informatics in Developing Software for Modern Multikernel Computers

Topics: Computer, Parallel computing, Programming language Pages: 4 (988 words) Published: April 23, 2013
The challenges for Informatics in developing software for modern multikernel computers Abstract

The purpose of this post is to examine the introduction of parallel computing and the challenges of software development for Parallel execution environment. First I will introduce the idea of parallel computing and up next I will present and evaluate the challenges of parallel computing along with their solutions and finally some conclusion will be drawn.

Vertical & Horizontal Development in Computing

The question arise when we are thinking about how the complex scientific problems of the twenty-first century including climate modeling, genomic research and artificial intelligence are testing the limits of the Von Neumann model of sequential processing.  

In the past, computer scientists worked on the new approach to extend the power of computers in vertical manner, this means that they were working on producing huge super computers but with recent advances in technology and reducing cost of resources and arrival of multi kernel processing has helped us to think about new ways to solve huge and complex problem in parallel manners.

Introduction to parallel computing
For the most part, along with a host of new research questions that have arisen in the last decade, there remains a significant challenge today. Parallel processing offers the promise of providing the computational speed required to solve important large-scale problems. In fact, parallel processing requires a big shift in how we think to solve the problem.  

Regardless of new hardware technologies, we should think about the new approach of developing software systems and also the way we think about our problem and presenting our solution. (Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms).  

Challenges of parallel computing

For the sake of applying the power and flexibility of multi-core processors, we should think about a new approach to breakdown huge problems into smaller elements. A...
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