The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

Topics: Project management, Metric system, Operations management Pages: 3 (1221 words) Published: February 26, 2013
“The mission of the project which you will head is to get our new Mexican subsidiary company ready for take-over by Mexican managers. My hope is that you will be able to do this in about two years.” explained Robert Linderman, president of the Linderman Industries Inc. to Carl Conway, newly appointed project manager for “Operation Mexicano” Conway had been hired specifically for this assignment because of his experience in managing large defense projects in the aerospace industry. “The first thing that I will have to do is put a project team together.” said Conway. “I imagine that you have in mind my drawing people from the functional divisions.” “Yes I have already sent memoranda to the division managers informing them that you will be asking for some of their key people to work under you for about two years,” said Linderman. “In addition, I have advised them to be prepared to process work orders from Operation Mexicano with the personnel and equipment of their organizations. Later on in the project’s life, you will begin to get Mexican personnel both managers and technicians, into your organization. These people will have Mexican supervisors, but until the mission is accomplished they will also have to report to you. I will have to admit that you are going to have some complex authority relationships, especially as you personally will be responsible to the president of the subsidiary, Felix Delgado, as well as to me.” Conway began to make his plans for the project team. The plant building was available and empty in Mexico City, and it was important to get equipment purchased and installed as soon as possible. A plant layout would have to be prepared, but before that could be done there would have to be a manufacturing plan. Therefore, he needed to recruit an industrial engineer, a production planner, and an equipment buyer. They, in turn, would have to build their own staffs. He made an appointment with Sam Sargis, a...
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