The Brita Products Company: Suggestions to Improvise Growth

Topics: Marketing, Filter, Valve Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: August 7, 2013
Upon reading the article about the Brita Products Company, I have come to the decision that the company should focus on producing and marketing table top pitchers. I’m not saying they should not produce faucet mounts, considering the fact that number of people using faucet mounts are steadily growing. But if you see the exhibition provided on the back of the article, you can see that majority amount of consumers in the market prefer using table-top pitcher rather than faucet mount system.

In addition, the Brita Product Company has significantly high market share in table-top pitcher category. They are the dominant player and the market pioneer in that category. However, if you see the market share for the faucet mount system, PUR is the dominant player in the category, covering up to 74 percent of the market share. This means that consumers consider PUR as better company in faucet mount category, and Brita in table-top pitcher category. Brita should focus on things that people consider the company is good at. Not only water filtered through table-top pitcher tastes better than the water filtered through the faucet mount, consumers can enjoy cold water, while water filtered through faucet mount is not as cold.

Furthermore, the company can earn more revenue by selling table-top pitchers than selling faucet mounts, since consumers need to change filters more often than they change the filter for faucet mounts. And the growing concern about the quality of tap water also encourage the company to focus more on table top pitcher, since faucet mounts can give consumers the impression that they are drinking straight from the tap.

Also, in exhibit number 6, you can see that the number of units sold for pitchers are steadily growing approximately by 1,000,000 each year, while number of units sold for faucet mounts are growing but by insignificant amount from 1997 to 1998.

So I think concentrating on producing pitchers and the filters will benefit the Brita Products...
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