The Brand Called You

Topics: Brand, Debut albums, Perception Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Summary of “The Brand Called You”
    In this article, the author put forward his own opinion that there is no difference between the personal competition and firms’ market share competition. He analyzes the point of how to built and develop your brand in five sections. The author emphasizes that you can’t pitch your brand before you recognize yourself.     First of all, the author tells the fact that everyone is branded by giving several examples. He says that it’s necessary for everyone to know the importance of brand. He thinks everyone has a chance to become a valuable brand. He points out that big companies, website and email understand this fundamental principle. They understand that the brand is power and brand is a guarantee of the value you will get. The author says that the service firms almost have no real assets and the most intangible asset they have are intelligent people who have their own unique and clear culture in life and work.     As for the question of how to build and develop your own brand, the author analyzes this in five sections. First, you should find out the main factor of making yourself different. You do not belong to any companies and you should start to plan and improve yourself as a brand. The author gives some suggestions. First, you should find some characteristics and features of you that are different from your competitors. The author calls the concept “feature-benefit”. The second is giving up all the titles you have and try to figure out your added values. Then you can ask yourself what you are looking for.     In the second section “what’s the pitch for you”, the author says that you should make others get to know your brand value no matter how successful of your “feature-benefit” model. The main way of making everyone know your brand value is to improve the visibility. As for how to market your brand, the first step is to make contact with more social groups who can spread your reputation. Then you should remember...
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