The Blue Bowl-Jane Kenyon

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September 10, 2012

This paper is an analyzation and evaluation of Robert Frost’s literary work entitled, The Road Not Taken. In this paper we will explain why the work captured our attention. We will also describeone of the analytical approaches outlined in chapter 16 of our textbook, using details from the text to support our interpretation.

Then we will evaluate the meaning of the selected work using the analytical approach chosen. We hope that after you have read this paper on The Road Not Taken, the formalist approach that we use for analyzation, will give more enlightenment on this work. But I do believe that the archetypal approach would also be effective on this work also.

The Road Not Taken interests me for many reasons. I was drawn in because of the title of the work. It insinuates an irony. As if the road taken should have been taken. The symbols and metaphors that are used lead one to represents life choices that many of us may take. I also see the allegory in this work. The different concepts that we may encounter. The regrets of not taking a certain road. But we can not take two roads at one time, so we may have to take the other road some time later in life. Mr. Frost did not make it clear who the protagonist was. So it could be anyone at any time. This makes the work more interesting. This invites the reader to look at the challenges they may be facing and make a choice. To me this literary work is captivating. It seems that he came back later to try the other road.

The approach that I choose is the formalist approach, because it better brings out understanding of the work to me. It It breakes down the setting, the plot and the characters and how they are used in the work. The theme (be careful how you choose), is revealed through out the work. The way that it is written causes the reader to be more interested and to remember what they...

References: Clugston, J. (2010) The formalist approach. Retrieved from
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