The Bird Story

Topics: French Revolution, Left-wing politics, Middle class Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Birds have hollow bones! Doesn’t that seem weird to you. HOLLOW BONES! Those stupid little creatures are so brittle! So, when I watched a bird slam into our class window in the middle of our history class (French Revolution), I screamed! Not because I was scared but because hollow bones break easily, and I was pretty sure that bird broke a few of its bones. After the accident, the bird just sat there near the window looking inside, those beady eyes seemed to be pleading for help. Well after the history class, when I noticed that the bird was still there I went up to help it. It looked petrified when I came near and opened the window. It was only then that I noticed that it was a sparrow. I took it in my hands, and made my way to the infirmary. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________

I was really trying to concentrate in this history lesson, but I just couldn't! I had read about the French Revolution a billion times before, all thanks to my history obsessed father. So, instead of listening to Mr. Whittaker, I was looking out the window, into our junior school playground. When I saw a sparrow rushing towards the window, I prepared myself for the BANG! Someone in our class screamed. It was Caroline. She always seemed a bit sensitive to me, guess I was right. The dim sparrow just sat there next to the window. Then for the next 10 minutes left for the class, I noticed Caroline glancing at the bird many times. After the class got over, I got up to see the sparrow but Caroline was already there. She took the bird in her hands and went out of the class.
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