The Biggest Experience of My Life

Topics: Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, English-language films Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: April 2, 2013
The Biggest experience of my life
Life is full of chances if you can see it however unless you try hard, potential does not come to your life by itself. I have been learnt Chinese since third grade and one of the most depressing day one of the chances of my life is come in my existence by contest brochure that “Scholarship in inner mongolia 4year-Chinese-boarding school for 3 students if they can write the best essay titled ”. Why it was depressing day is I found out that all of my assiduity which I had been studied Chinese for 5 years was abortive so I decided to participate and disposed to myself to win. As soon as I was gratified by news I distinguished, first time I told my parents about scholarship with full of hopes they will appreciate. Everyone proud of me except my father, He said “China is too dangerous country, you are not good enough to keep yourself so I afraid of something bad will happen to you” however my desirability was so strong that he could not stop me. It was the first time, I got away from my family for such a long time and even though 2 years have gone I remember the fontal sight of the school. Beyond the huge gate were jaw-dropping big green schoolyard, educational park, 4 or 5-storey buildings also great number of students who were staring us in weird way. It was the whole new world to me and there were 2000+ Inner Mongolian students 120+ Mongolian students. While days were going, I made a lot of friends and learnt rules of the school. Students are wake up at 06:00 am, sleep at 22:00 pm, have 11 classes a day, classrooms, passages and dormitories are cleaned by students and everyday all students of the school together do exercise and run. I was the best student of the class and a monitor because of my previous Chinese adept also I have been played the role of monitor for 6 years in my prior class. There was no one to inspect what I am doing therefore whenever I wanted to play, I play and whatever I wanted to buy, I bought. At...
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