The benefits of computers use for the visually impaired

Topics: Blindness, Optical character recognition, Reading Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: January 24, 2014

Braille system is used to support access to information and reading comprehension which is easy to grasp through by a visually impaired, nowadays technology paved its way to the learning process of students with this kind of disability. Computers revolutionizes the learning system for the visually impaired. It can respond and talk to student through sophisticated programs that are designed exactly for the needs of student who cannot see. This results in many advantages for the student to excel in writing and typing performance. The internet is a great learning tool with the right program such as JAWS or Windows Eyes.


To identify beneficial of computers in relation to employment To find out how beneficial computers are on the subject of access to information To find out how beneficial are computers with regard to social and community networks

Assistive technology is helpful to them in relation to employment. They visually impaired could use it as part of their jobs and very important to the work they do.. This point demonstrates that in the information age, employment and computer literacy go hand in hand. Computers, by virtue of their relationship to employment, do not just create financial independence; they help create an independent identity. Access to information

Computers and the Internet have improved access to information, and for visually impaired, access to information can enhance their knowledge, independence, and opportunities for equality. Computers enable people to have instantaneous access to information and allow individuals to read for themselves, their use is integral to learning outcomes and literacy. The electronic access allows the visually impaired to get educational materials at the same time as their sighted peers and to increase their efficiency with which they would able to work. Computers in the form of screen readers, braille outputs,...
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