The Beginning of the Cold War

Topics: Cold War, World War II, United Nations Pages: 3 (610 words) Published: May 31, 2013

What views and actions chosen by the Soviet Union and United States contributed to the Cold War?

1. There were many views and action chosen by the soviet union and United States that contributed to the cold war, but ones that were most successful were international Cooperation and determine which made the basic structure for the U.N. Another important was the General Assembly end security canal. Ovrall it was to get all nations to adopt American interests.

How did Truman administration seek to promote American Global interests between 1947 and 1951 and why was the outcome in Asia less than satisfactory?

2. Curiosity was set by the Soviet Union in 1946 that the Americans were trying to promote global interests. In 1947 and 1951 Britain had cried for help for they were no longer able to hold their role in military aid. Truman took the offer and created the Truman was less satisfactory. This was because Truman was to soft communism while Asia wanted an increase on economic and military support. They felt threatened by the Soviet Union.

What events contributed to NSC 68 and how did it represent a change in strategy?

3. In 1949 where soviet determined their own Bomb and in mind for wanting to rule the world, this all leads up to the NSC Memorandum oil.

As the North Koreans invaded South Korea, why did Truman decide to refer the issue to the United Nations?

4. Truman loved to get in-between problems and as North Korea and South Korea invade he referred the issue to the united nation for he wanted to unify the peninsula under South Korea rule.

What were Truman’s and MacArthur’s goals in Korea? What was the consequence of China’s entry to the war?

5. Truman and Mac Arthur had the same goal to have an unfired pro Western Korea and a settlement between the two nations. The led China to Consequences such as leading into a possible WWIII.

In what ways did Truman attempt to maintain expand the New Deal? How...
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