The Bahamas Tourism Industry

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- The Bahamas tourism industry is not only a valuable contributor to the economy of the Bahamas, but a significant contributor to employment sector of the Bahamas as well. The tourism industry contributes over 3.5 million dollars to the economy annually and employs more than 50,000 people. Developing a strong and sustainable tourism industry will ensure growth in employment. A ten year tourism plan will help to protect the jobs of the 50,000 Bahamians who are directly and indirectly employed in tourism as well as help to achieve a 50% growth in tourism revenue by the year 2020. Some of the key initiatives includes:

• The establishment of a work force training plan to raise the standard of workers within the industry, through skills development, improved vocational education and training and better career promotion and job development opportunities . • The development of a local product developing network linking with local authorities and cultural heritage networks to expand on what the Bahamas has to offer tourist. • -The establishment of a tourism research network to research into the industry in order to help to drive up standards within the industry. • -The hosting of competitive and sustainable events within the industry through the attraction and promotion of major events such as NCAA men’s basketball tournaments, major athletics events as well as religious conferences. • -Improved access to the Bahamas through on going negotiations with major airlines to develop and increase new routes to enhance tourism and cruise shipping opportunities. • -Target international markets where spending is high such as China , United Kingdom, France as well as Italy where people are known to be big spenders and are travelling. • -The development of new and enhanced ecotourism infrastructures such as walking tracks canoeing on the lakes as well as arranged day trips to the marine parks. • -Identify and...
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