The Animal That I Am

Topics: Debut albums, Great Plains, Human Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: November 19, 2014
Jessica Fisher
Week 5
(UNIT 3) Writing 3: The Animal That I Am
Lioness of Africa
Bright sunshine, that’s how my day always starts; stretch, roar, prowl. I have to find something worth eating today. After all, the males don’t know how to search for food themselves. I have to take care of their sorry stomachs. The great plains of Africa is such a hot place. Lucky for me, I live right next to water. SLURP, oops. Did I make that sound? This water is so good on days like these. I used to be a human. I know this sounds crazy, but about a month ago I woke up like this: a very strong and fast lioness. I wonder what voodoo creepy stuff happened that made me like this. It scared me at first, but the pride took me in and I’ve accepted what has happened. The only thing on my mind nowadays is what to eat, where to sleep, and when will I have to find a mate? I thought I saw a young antelope trot way over there, and I’m going to check it out. Using my stealth skills that come very easy to lions, I’m going to track down this juicy piece of breakfast. Crouch low, hide in the tall grass, wait, and wait, and wait, and POUNCE! The struggle is on! I should have given the poor thing at least a fighting chance against my well-formed jawbone. Then again, my momma always told me not to play with my food. This tastes so good, fresh meat. Time for me to take my daily nap. I don’t know why sleep overcomes me so often but it must be the heat. There are so many lions here, and I’ve got to find an open space somewhere. Get out of my way you oversized beast, that’s where I was going to go. Yes, I still have the temper I used to have when I was a human. Ah, finally here is a decent place to rest my head. ZZZZZZ Where am I? Where is the bright sunshine? It’s dark here, and soft, very soft. Stretch, roar- why am I not roaring? Wait a minute, I have fingers! And feet, and a bellybutton. What? Where’s my fur? I’m smooth, like when I used to be a- No. It can’t be. It is though,...
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