The Analysis of the Escape by W.S. Maugham

Topics: W. Somerset Maugham, Of Human Bondage, Love Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Analysis of the short story “The Escape” by William Somerset Maugham. I`d like to reflect upon the short-story under the title «The Escape”, written by one of the best known English writers of 20th century – William Somerset Maugham. He was not only a short-story writer, but also one of the most successful dramatists and novelists. His reputation as a novelist is based on the following prominent books: “Of Human Bondage”; “The Moon and Sixpence”; and “The Razor's Edge”, “Cakes and Ale”, etc. Maugham's novels and short stories could be characterized by great narrative facility, an ironic point of view and an astonishing understanding of human nature. In his works realistic reflection of life, keen character descriptions, and interesting plots are combined with beautiful, expressive language and a simple, clear, style. I think, that the beginning of the story serves as its subject matter, where the author recounts his point of view on the marriage. He convinces us that if a woman once made her mind to marry a man nothing but instant flight could save him. As an example he told a case, which happened with one of his friends, who seeing the inevitable marriage menacing before him, took ship and spent a year traveling round the world. He hoped the woman would forget him, but was mistaken. When he got back thinking himself safe, the woman, from whom he had fled, was waiting for him on the quay. This funny thing supports the idea that the inevitable loom of the marriage frightens some men and they try to avoid it. It should be mentioned, that he describes that awkward situation very skillfully and in a very ironical way. It could be confirmed by some cases of irony, used by the narrator – “instant flight” and “inevitable loom menacing before him”, “ escaped with only a toothbrush for all his luggage”, which show us fear and trembling of men before the difficulties of the marriage. And through these stylistic devices we feel the author’s humorous tone, which has...
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