Analysis And Interpretation Of Henry

Topics: Marriage, Bolesław Prus, George Costanza Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: January 29, 2015
Analysis and interpretation of “Henry”.
Marriage is about two people that make their relationship public and promise to love, honour and live together for better or for worse. Many problems can occur in a relationship, because no marriage is free of conflicts, but when a inflatable doll takes over your place in the relationship, does that make you an important part of the marriage? In the short story "Henry" (2007) by Elizabeth Brassington, the main character, which is the husband, is replaced by an inflatable doll called Henry by his wife. Over time he becomes more and more jealous, since his wife appreciates the doll more than him and therefore he decides to get rid of the doll.

There are many themes in the story, such as marriage, jealousy and childish behavior. The genre is very comical as there is an exaggeration of the turmoil that can occur in a marriage. It can be seen that it is a short story by: There are few persons

It is a sudden beginning/ in medias res
It is a short story
It has an open ending, because it leaves the reader in uncertainty. Living with his wife and the doll Henry, the narrator becomes more and more jealous and starts hating both of them, especially Henry with his well-bred smile. He is very aware of the fact that his wife loves and appreciates Henry the doll more than him and that Henry is better looking than him, which he himself says, "In our tiny kitchen he towered above my puny height of five foot nothing. He looked handsome and smart with his green vinyl suit and firm jaw" (ll. 13-14 p. 2). You can tell by her tone when she speaks with her husband that she does not love and appreciate her husband as much as she loves and appreciates Henry. This is also seen in the quote "HERE, LET ME DO IT. You’re useless"(ll. 3 p. 2)”. She says that he is useless, which she also mentions several times through the story. The following quote shows that the wife appreciate Henry more because she buys better gifts to the doll Henry...
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