The American Dream. Point of View

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“American dream”
Anyone who’s ever thought about living the good life has pictured the best life ever. When we picture this perfect life we see a life with endless possibilities, having enough money to just go crazy with it, going to all the parties, and just living life without a care in the world. While I sit here and think about it most of my friends believe that a life of no worries and work, a life without the worry of responsibility is the "American dream." That used to be what I thought it was but as i am growing up I have realized that there is much more to it. To me, the "American dream" is a life of happiness, a life without worrying about the financial problems that come up, and a life where you are successful at what you do. Any dream in which you are not happy can be considered a nightmare. The "American dream" is a happy one that has the potential because in America, things like advancement in society are possible. In America you actually have a chance in which you can advance to the next level and become more than just poor no matter who you are or what you do. To me, this dream represents a happy life that includes all your friends and family, the people who stick by you to keep you safe, to give guidance, and love you for the rest of your life. If someone were to have asked me five years ago what I thought was the "American dream" meant to me, I would have to say “playing, laughing, eating candy…..”I think you catch my drift. The key to living a happy life for your dream is to work hard for what you want and always keep your head up even in the bad situations. Although the greatest dream for anyone would be to have no responsibilities, but that’s just not going to happen. My view is that to get the "American dream" you have got to work hard for it. Once you have worked hard enough for it you will forget to check because you are such a success. Having a successful business, or position is what I see as the "American dream." If I want to earn...
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