The Alahambra

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Karim Elibiary

ARC 267-R- History of Architecture
Professor Richard Jhon
November 14, 13

Your highness Sultan Mohammed,
I would like to put forward a proposition; I truly understand the hardship that our people are going through at these dark times, our 500 year old Muslim empire has never saw a more desperate time then that of now. The Christian kingdom are pushing us south, further and further, if no action is enforced soon Granada will no longer exist and this great land once harvest by our fathers and by our father’s fathers will soon be handed over to Castile or Aragon. It is in our hands to protect the allegiance of Granada. I apprehend your passion towards the vigorous search to find a settlement in which I may design your fortress. I am writing to you to inform you of our most recent discovery, it is known that over 100 years ago a Muslim fortress was formed somewhere on the Andalusia mountains. After weeks of climbing the wooded steep sloping mountains above the picturesque city of Granada I have finally found it, The Al Katala. At first the structure may not to seem much stirring however, we have intensively studied the prime location it possesses. This Arab castle sits on the La Sabika hill framed by the mountains of Sierra Nevada, the hill rises over 100 meters from the ground,, moreover, the last rocks sierra Nevada is no gateway to any enemies, crucial for defensive strategies. Now, I will attempt to use my deign explanations to visually paint you a masterpiece of what will eventually become a magnificent fortress of your dreams, whose citadel will dominate the Granada skyline. We shall rebuild the AL Cazaba into a stronghold large enough to support our troops, on the northern side of the hill a cluster of palaces surrounded by royal gardens will create a northern royal quarter. Adjacent, a township, housing the hundreds of people needed to run and guard this paradise on earth....

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