The Adventures of Snowdrop and Metaknight: the Star Warriors

Topics: Universe, Planet, Time Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: August 11, 2011
Somewhere in the universe, there was a planet called Stareon which was inhabited by round people. Peace and order ruled the entire planet all throughout the years under the leadership of the so called League of the Star Warriors. This alliance is composed of round people who possessed unique abilities and has the heart to serve their race. All of a sudden, a corporation, led by Rackelus, consisting of evil robots and monsters who ruthlessly destroyed the entire planet. The star warriors fought with all their might but were only defeated by the evil robots. Because of this defeat, most of the star warriors gave up because they thought that they have no power against Rackelus. Only Snowdrop, a young and brave star warrior, together with Sir Metaknight, decided to stand their ground and continue fighting against their enemies. They separated ways first. After twenty minutes, there was no sign of enemy but after forty minutes, Sir Metaknight had his first encounter with Rackelus but failed to conquer him. After eighty minutes, Metaknight and Snowdrop met once again to devise another plan to rout their enemy. When Snowdrop had already traveled for 120 minutes, he confronted Rackelus and as he almost killed Rackelus, Rackelus retreated and fled rapidly but unknown to him, Metaknight was waiting for him. This time Metaknight ensured that he won’t fail. They exchanged blasts and bullets until they fought one-on-one. Rackelus was finally defeated and he fell to his doom after another 22 minutes and finally crashed 60 m away from Stareon. Sir Metaknight and Snowdrop reunited and together they journeyed through the vast universe in search for new quests and adventures.
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