the advantages of wind powered charger

Topics: Battery, Mobile phone, Wind power Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: March 1, 2014

A. Overview
Hymini phone charger is a great solution for people who have many activities. Hymini is portable device to charge handphone which generates by wind power or solar power that fits in the palm of hand. Not only powered by wind or solar, Hymini also stores energy collected from a wall plug, and renewable DC input. Hymini cn recharge most 5v appliances, including mobile phone, MP3 players, iPo, PDAs, and digital camera. The price of hymini is $49,99 for basic package, $25 for solar panel; $8.99 for bike mount; $14.99 for armband; $9.99 for hand-crank

Picture 1. Hymini

Sometimes, there is no wind power, this devie is still generates from wall plug adaptor. Hymini is making easy to use, there are power sources include to choose if there is no wind. Such as hymini portable mini solar panel, PC/labtop USB 2.0 outlet, conventional 100-240V AC adaptor are the example of souces power. Hymini’s internal battery can store up to 1200mAh power. The unit lithium battery can be charge from a conventional 100-240V wall socket and has life around 500 charge cycles. It takes 4 hours to fully charger, a 20 minute charge (at 19mph wind speed) gives 30 minutes playing time on an ipod, 4 mnute talk time on a mobile, or 20 captures on a digital camera. It means that hymini is ideal for emergency situation when there is no electricity. This small device generates power from the turbines which is turn into the wind that connect to charge cell phone, cameras, and other small electronics. Even someone on the road, driving and ride bicycle, this device can be used at all time as long as there is wind around. Hymini is designed to capture wind power between 9-30 mph. The maximum capacity is set at 40 mph, it means extra power cannot be convert to device. A green LED switches on when the batery is charging. The turbine designe is soft material. It means this devices...
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