pro and cons of wind power

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Is Wind Power Good or Bad ?

A major issue in today’s world is finding an alternative energy source. Fossil fuel has been used for a very long time because it is a cheaper way to produce energy. Fossil fuel is a problem because it is non-renewable, which means it will eventually run out and this has us looking for another alternative for energy. That is why some people turn to wind power but, its a debate whether wind power is a good or bad alternative. It is a possibility but there are some positive and negative outcomes that come with wind power.

Wind power has many advantages and positive outcomes. One of the biggest positive outcomes that we can get from wind power is that wind is clean and it does not cost anything. This is good because it will not cause any harm to the environment through pollution and will not emit harmful fumes into the air. Another is that it is a renewable source so we will not run out of it . Also it does not have to be removed from the inside of the earth. All you need to make the turbines work is just wind and wind is available everywhere .

On the other hand, wind power has some negative outcomes and disadvantages too. One disadvantage being that wind is intermittent meaning that if there is no wind then no energy or power is being produced and we can not adjust or control the wind . Also this kind of energy is really hard to keep stored. A negative outcome from wind power is that you need a lot of open space or acreage in order to place these turbines and it has to be in a location where you get constant wind. Also many worry that it will do damage to the ecosystem because they are harming and killing many animals that get caught in the path like birds. This worries many because it can cause a change in the way animals adapt.

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