The adolescent

Topics: Poetry, God, Boy Pages: 2 (959 words) Published: October 26, 2014

A collection of great poems that if arranged differently give a different meaning. It seems like each poem could validate a significant moment or all the poems could but simply describe a moment in life and after. The feel, the texture, and raw emotion of each word pulls the reader. Simply astonishing, how the poems by Omar Sabbagh and Dylan Thomas could collaborate to perform an epic. The poems “Vital”, “Heart Creeper”, “Written”, “A Dying Father at the Crib of his Newborn”, and “Do not go gentle into that good night” in that specific order performs a story of a brave adolescent. Arrogance, Fear, regret, defiance, and rage are explicitly conveyed through the tone/attitude/ and voice in the respective poems. After analyzing these emotions, they will furnish a script to a tragic or heroic story. Beginning with the poem “Vital”, it can be a description of an adolescent so full of pride and arrogance. The poet Sabbagh starts the poem with a vague inquiry “What does the palm tree say?”, the author is asking of the strong or the age of adolescent. As the adolescent stands tall like the palm tree with his impeccable physique in the dread of society presented as the dry angles of the sun. The sun is dry, yet the adolescent stand tall with “Sharkskin” –a beautiful irony to show the isolation he feels as to the rest of the dreaded society being the sun. “Rising and Falling…light, green on grey on beige” This stanza would symbolize the emotions of a man at this age. He also shows how this age of rebellion or love is universal as he disregards color. So prideful or arrogant this boy (palm tree) that he challenges the heavens with vital words that fall on cruel ears. The boy -not yet a man- challenges the heavens through the poet’s words “Chip if you dare, scratch, tear, or crunch, but I will still, still with a pinpoint blare”. Dr. Sabbagh conveys a tone of pride and arrogance through the use of words like “dare”, “pinpoint blare” Yet at the door steps of death the man...
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