Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Human skin color, Black people Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The world has advanced and came a very long way in the terms of racism. The modeling world still has a long way to go. When you look at the models walking down the catwalk at fashion shows around the world most of the models are pale white models. Racism in modeling isn’t as bad as it was in the 1920’s but it is still a problem trend. Some are celebrating the past’s seasons statistics; however the improvements are small. White models still largely dominate the runways. Designers and fashion houses have full control over the models they put on the runway. Some designers have a certain look in mind. Naomi Campbell made a statement at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin “ I hope that all the designers will consider using models of color because as we seen these last two years, models of color have not been used on the runways in a very minuet way. So let’s hope that everyone can not let fashion discriminate the models and the color of the models that they use” (Racism in the modeling industry). This shows that there has been a lost in ethnic models for a long time. The increase of racism in the modeling industry due to darker color skin is harder to work with in the terms of make up, designers look for a certain look, black models don’t sell.

Minorities now make up more than 50% of US births, but the truth is, racism is everywhere, and is especially common in the fashion industry. The Fashion industry has been facing criticizing for encouraging a culture of blatant racism. Ms Doocey is a former managing director of an international fashion company. She speaks about the models she has been sent to place in fashion shows and magazines. “I can’t remember being sent a model that wasn’t white. I don’t know if its racism or just the fashion industry languishing in the doldrums, but it needs to change. Agencies seem more interested in leggy white blonde girls” (Emily Dugan). This is an example of other who sees that there is a problem in the industry. India is...
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