Texting vs. Calling

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Texting vs. Calling

Call me, definitely? Would have been the name of my hit pop song if I were Carly Rae Jepsen. Everyone with a cell phone has the option to either text or call someone, in order to contact that person. Some people like to text and others would rather call. However, there are several similarities and differences between the two ways of communicating. As a person you choose whether to text or call that is the way you recognize as the best way of communicating, the best way of communicating is by calling someone. Calling definitely has more advantages than texting and this is why calling is the better form of communication.

One of the differences between texting and calling is that by calling someone they can understand the tone of your voice and you won’t be misunderstood. When texting someone the receiver can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or understand the mood you are in. However, when you call someone they are listening to your voice so they can understand if you are being sarcastic or whether you are happy or sad. If you are in a bad mood, your voice is more monotone and down, if you are in a happy mood its more upbeat. So by calling, people won’t misinterpret your mood or the way you mean things. For example, most people will read, “You’re so cool”, in a sarcastic way, but over the phone the person can tell whether or not you are being sarcastic because that sentence can be read in a non-sarcastic way. Calling someone can eliminate the element of being misunderstood, due to the fact that, you hear the tone of someone’s voice.

Texting can be better to express your feelings through the use of “faces”. When you call someone you can’t see the other person’s face. But, when you text you can incorporate faces such as “:)”, and “:(“ to express whether you feel sad or happy about things. Over a phone call you can smile but, the other person won’t see that and they won’t know how you felt about what that person just said. Just by putting a certain face, people can interpret your mood without second guessing themselves. If you want to express your feelings in a way that’s not confusing then texting is the way to go because you can use different faces to symbolize the way you feel about a certain thing/topic. However the best way to interpret someone’s emotions is through their tone of their voice, which is only available through calling. Over text, it is easy to lie and someone can put a face just because they feel like it and its not necessarily the way they feel. Over a phone call there is no hiding you tone of voice or reaction and you can hear that person’s true emotion. Calling doesn’t give you that opportunity to express the way you feel through your facial expression, texting does.

As for the phone call, its main advantage is that when someone calls you, you know that it is important. A phone call has a very high importance level and is a sign that person wants to talk to you.its urgency. Through direct communication, people canould rapidly react and response to all their communications. Furthermore its fast communication leads there is lower chance of misunderstanding for the reason that person could ask immediately the other person when he have trouble understanding the information. It reduces time just by calling than spending hours typing text messages. Phone calls could allow people to feel the person whom they are calling closer since they could hear their voices and share emotions. There is always that possibility of that person not picking up the phone, but when that person does, you can get an immediate response and won’t have to wait for a text message, which could take any amount of time. Texting has one major disadvantage and that is that it allows people to read the message and respond on their own time, which could be any time. Through a phone call that person can’t respond on their own time, you can get an answer as soon as they pick up their phone. Calling is easy, fast...
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