“Texting Speeds of Globe and Smart”

Topics: Mobile phone, Philippines, Text messaging Pages: 10 (2517 words) Published: October 1, 2010
“Texting Speeds of Globe and Smart”
Renz Vicson Lu Dionisio
Lennard Joseph U. Laya
Theresa Candise P. Lina


People use their cell phones for work and school. Today people want instant gratification. Everything has to be as fast as possible. Technology has improved and communication happens in an instant. This study deals with the texting speeds of two cellular networks, Globe and Smart. Text messages will be sent and received through the same network. The time it takes when the message leaves the first phone until the second phone receives it is measured. Smart sends the same message length, at a fixed place and on a time interval 2 seconds faster than Globe. Texting speed, time of day message is sent, length of text message


Most families only use one cellular network. One of the group’s family changed network from Globe to Smart. The reason given by the parents is that one network is better. The group wanted to determine whether their decision to change was correct. Cellular networks base their success on the number of customers they serve at a particular area, not specifically on how fast their network is. Nevertheless, this study aims to find out the time it takes when messages are sent until they are received. It is set to determine if the quality upheld by each network could affect the speed of their services, particularly their SMS messaging service. The objective is to compare two cellular networks (Globe and Smart) to determine if there is a significant difference in the time of receipt of text messages. This difference may influence network preference of customers. The study is limited to the sending and receiving of text messages within the same network. The networks are the two biggest in the Philippines. The time (morning and afternoon) and place (Engineering) are factors and are also limited.


No cell phone service provider claims to have a larger network based on physical land mass. The extent of the services provided by the networks is not measured by the area of land mass they cover. It is measured by the total number of clients located in their area of service. The greater the number of people whom the network could reach; the better service provider the network becomes. Thus, cellular networks focus on areas with a lot of people. Then again, reaching more people doesn’t necessarily mean reaching a larger area (Null, 2006). Nevertheless reaching out to more people remains as the aim of cellular networks. Back in 2008, tests were conducted by NTC engineers on three cellular service operators, namely Smart Communications, Globe Telecom, and Sun Cellular, to measure the quality of services rendered. They made 2,475 network-to-network calls per operator in 13 Metro Manila cities, as part of the tests (“Globe Telecom Tops NTC Performance Study”, 2008). The statistics showed that Globe is more effective than either Smart or Sun Cellular. However, looking at the drawn statistics, it can be seen that Smart has a stronger signal compared to Globe with Smart having 91.81% and Globe 86.58%. This study intends to find out then whether basing quality of cellular networks on how many people they serve and the given results of the NTC performance study also indicates that the network is faster in sending and receiving text messages.


Experimental Design:
Process Diagram

Description of the Response Variable
Time will be measured using a stopwatch feature of a cell phone (accurate to the tenths of a second). Time will start when the first cell phone displays “message sent” and end when the second cell phone displays “one message received”.

Description of the Controllable Factors
The factor of interest is the network (Globe or Smart) used to send text messages. •The location will be held constant. Location, which will only be limited to one (College of Engineering, Quiet Zone) will be where all text messages are sent. •Length...

References: Globe Telecom tops NTC performance study (2009, January 10) Retrieved March 11, 2010 from TXTBUFF News http://news.txtbuff.com/globe-telecom-tops-ntc-performance-study/
Null, Christopher
February 24, 2010
February 24, 2010
February 26, 2010
February 26, 2010
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