"Texas" State Govt. 2306 Study notes, Question given on first test. Texas A&M university.

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These Question are taken directly from a test given to my sophomore class at a Texas A&M university. I hope that since the Professor is not listed it will discourage cheating, but still help studiers.

Class Books: Texas Politics "Individuals Making a Difference"

(and a reading book labeled Texas Politics pairs with above book)

TEST 2-4

States are classified as megastates based on which on the following:

-population, urbanization, and gross state product.

The provisions of the Treaty of Velasco include the following:

-the withdrawal of armed Mexican forces from Texas, recognition of Texas as independent of Mexico, and vast territorial claims made by Texas.

The following is true concerning immigration in Texas:

-Texas ranks seventh nation wide in number of illegal immigrants per square mile.

The following is true concerning population growth in Texas:

-Most population growth in Texas stems from national increase and immigration from other states in the U.S.

Which Political culture emerged from the plantation economy of the old south:


In which political culture can individuals advance themselves in business or politics through alliances based on personal loyalty:


Which politic culture come from New England and was the last to arrive in Texas:


Examples of good-government organizations include:

-Common Cause, League of Women, Public Citizen

Compared to the state of California, relations between Texas and Mexico can be characterized as:


The case of Edgewood V. Kirby dealt with the issue of:

-School finance in Texas

The document that describes the structure of government in a state is:

-The state constitution


Texas state governmental power is divided between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government. Using only this information we know that Texas has:

-separation of powers

The Constitution of the Republic of Texas has been amended:

-over 300 times

The number of Constitutions Texas has had:


Since 1975, the annual salary for a member of the Texas Legislature:

-has been set at $7,200

The current term of office for the Texas Governor:

-four years

The current Texas Constitution Limits state in-debt-ness how much money:

-Two-hundred-thousand dollars

The Texas Supreme Court hears what types of cases:

-civil appeals only

The framers of the 1876 Texas Constitution attempted to control the power of the Texas Governor By:

-They reduced the governor's term in office, They decreased the governor's salary, and They set up a system of shared executive powers.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals hears what types of cases:

-only criminal appeals

In 1975, the Texas Legislature proposed eight constitutional amendments that were designed to revise the Texas Constitution. What was the result of the effort:

-All the amendments failed

In which system of government does the central government hold all the power:


In which system of government do the state hold all the governmental power:


A brief description of a federal system of government:

-A system of government in which power is shared by the central government and states

The 27th amendment to the U.S. Constitution was first introduced in 1787 by:

-James Madison

The concept that a person can be a citizen of the U.S. and Texas at the same time is referred to as:

-Dual citizenship

The states have what role in amending the U.S. constitution :

-Constitutional amendments must be ratified by three-fourths of the states


Which type of federalism assumes a clear legal separation between the powers of the national government and those of the states:

-Dual federalism

The working relationships of government within the...
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