Texas and California Annexation

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Texas and California Annexation

John O’Sullivan defined “manifest destiny” and used the term to promote the annexation of Texas and the Oregon Country to the United States. When he said, in a spirit of hostile interference against us, for the avowed object of thwarting our policy and hampering our power, limiting our greatness and checking the fulfillment of our manifest destiny to overspread the continent allotted by Providence for the free development of our yearly multiplying millions.... he was describing the painting depicting the different economic activities of the pioneers of that time that highlighted the changing forms of transportation and the belief that the United States was destined to expand from the Atlantic seaboard to the Pacific Ocean. The "Manifest Destiny" eventually became a standard historical term, often used as a synonym for the expansion of the United States across the North American continent.

According to O’Sullivan, Texas was acquired for many reasons one of them being slave labor needing to be “Drained Off” southwardly. It was sort of a pro-slavery measure calculated to increase that institution.

America can offer many things to the unsettled regions, especially California such as the alleviation of servile degradation. Seeing as how Mexico is very dependent on California and if California joins, Mexico will be forced to become independent. I suppose O’Sullivan would respond the views express in “Tecumseh on White Encroachment” or “Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World” solely on his own personal views and beliefs of what the topics of the two documents discuss. Furthermore, without any previous knowledge of the content of the said documents, it is uncertain how accurate one can foresee what O’ Sullivan would think.
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