Teva Pharmaceuticals Strategy Case Paper

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Teva Pharmaceuticals
Strategy Overview

SMU MBA 2013

Business Overview:
Teva Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company specializing in generic and proprietary drugs. It is the world’s 11th biggest pharmaceutical company. Apart from its major market, US and Europe, it has a major presence in Russia, Latin America, Japan and South Korea. In 2012, it had revenue of 20.3 billion and a net income of 1.96 billion (see table 1). Target Customers:

Teva pharmaceutical’s primary customers are wholesalers and retail drug chains. Physicians and hospitals are the other major customers. Women with hormonal ailments and patients above 65 also form an important and a growing market. Also, many pharmaceutical companies purchase active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) from Teva Pharmaceuticals. Product Offering:

Teva pharmaceuticals have a variety of product offerings (see table 2). They are: * Generic Pharmaceuticals: Global leader in generic drugs. * Proprietary Pharmaceuticals: Copaxone®, Azilect®, Provigil®, Cephalon® and Theramex® * Biopharmaceuticals: biosimilars such as Tevtropin

* Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients: world’s leading manufacturers of APIs * Women's Healthcare Products: LoSeasonique® and Plan B One-Step® * Respiratory Products: Qvar® and Proair®
Strategic pillars:
* Teva’s main focus is to have a strong presence in generic market industry and APIs using its economies of scale. Nearly 50 % of its income comes from generic market (see table 2). Teva will continue to extract maximum value from Paragraph IV patent challenge opportunities, by pursuing first-to-market opportunities, by developing complex generic products, and by enhancing the value of its portfolio by concentrating on high-margin, low competition markets. * It also has started to focus on proprietary drugs and biopharmaceuticals. It accounts for more than 40% of its revenue in 2012, up from 35% in 2011. Teva has achieved this...

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