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Diet Chart

Ideal body Weight: Height (Cms) -100

A person with IBW should have 2000 Kcal/Day A person below IBW (like me) can have 2500Kcal/day A person above ideal body weigh should have 1200-1500 Kcal /Day 1 gm of Carb n proteins give 4 cal 1 gm of Fats/Oils gives 9 cal/day So, Breakfast: 2-3 Idlis + ½ small cup of Chutney (Avoid coconut) or Sambar or Rasam Sambar is better than chutney, rasam better than Sambar Or 2-3 Home made Dosas without Oil + Same As Above Or 2-3 Phulkas + Same as above (Chutney/ samber /rasam) Lunch: 2 Phulkas + 1 Small Cup Rice (preferably Brown Rice) with One cup Curry(Watery) Or 3 Phulkas + One cup Curry (Watery) Dinner: Same As Above food is less, u might feel hungry, sooo *Between Breakfast n lunch 1 fruit i.e. Apple/Orange/Pear/Guava/ 1 Bowl semi ripe Papaya Dr.Syed Sadiq Ahmed. MBBS, DHSc,MHs.Diabetology. Diabetologist, Corporate Physician, Gen.Physician

Prepared By: Tahrika T.

Diet Chart
*Between lunch and Dinner 1 Bowl Of Vegetable salad i.e. Cucumber + Onion +Tomato + Sprouts( Boil or With Curd) Having fruits n veg salad will slow down the process of Digestion and u won’t feel hungry 1 TSP Methi Powder 5 Minutes before all 3 meals (Very Important) Non.Veg: Weekly 3 times Non Veg-Fish, once a week Chicken without Skin, Avoid read Meat Avoid 3 White things in life..…..Salt , Maida, Sugar Avoid salt while cooking, funda is all the items cooked will absorb salt, but if u sprinkle salt while on dinning table, only the surface will have salt. Regular walking/exercise, do not use car/bike for near destinations …walk Do not use lifts. Roti/Phulka Flour must have Wheat, Soya, Methi…rich in fibres No oil in rotis/phulkas Above food will come up to 400 cal/meal A plate of Biryani (veg or non-veg has 2500 Kcal, so avoid) No Vada, Bondas, hotel Masala dosas, Sweets Jamoon have around 500 Cal 1 Phulka is around 65-80- Kcal. 1 Idli is 140 Kcal I piece of pickle has 140 kcal, so if u love pickles or related thing….have 3 pieces of...
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