Test on Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis

Topics: Pragmatics, Implicature, Presupposition Pages: 4 (1150 words) Published: May 7, 2013


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1. What is one way entailment? Give an example.

2. What are presuppositions? Give an example.

3. Distinguish between semantics and pragmatics.

4. Distinguish between generalized implicatures and particularized implicatures.

5. Analyze the sentences in the following paragraph in terms of Theme and Rheme. Parts of Northern Britain were brought to a standstill by heavy snow and ice yesterday with roads closed and dangerous driving conditions. Scotland was worst hit. Two hundred schools were closed in Aberdeenshire, where roads were impassable, and more than seven inches of snow was recorded at Aberdeen airport. An injured climber survived 18 hours in sub-zero temperatures clinging to an ice-covered ledge after falling 400ft in Glencoe. Lawrence Reeve, 40, a computer operator from Chessington, Surrey, was recovering in hospital yesterday after suffering severe facial injuries, a punctured lung and frostbite. The lone walker was making his way along a ridge when he fell into Glen Cam, striking a boulder which saved him from a further drop of 300 ft.

6. Analyze the following conversation in terms of Move, Exchange, and Transaction boundaries. Cathy: You’re looking well, David! Have you been to the gym a lot recently or something? David: Well, I joined a gym earlier this year, but I stopped going – it was just too...
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